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Bruxism a day and night problem

Unfortunately this situation (brushing or clenching the teeth) is a problem that complicates millions of people.

The complexity of the problem is that the causes are multifactorial and many of them are not dental.

Among the dental causes we can find:

  • Malocclusions (bite problems). Among them are cross bites, inverted bites or severe alterations such as prognathisms or class II or mandibular hypoplasias.

  • Missing teeth

  • dental crowding

Systemic causes:

  • Chronic muscle diseases

  • Stress or anxiety

  • Bad habits

The stages of treatment are:

  • diagnostic phase

  • Periodontal, dental or occlusal treatment phase, includes orthodontics and restorations

  • Splint treatment phase

  • Interventions in muscles or joints

There may be damage to:

  • muscles

  • joints

  • joint ligaments

  • dental pieces

  • Neck contractures

  • Headaches (headaches)

Your professional must carry out a complete study that will include tomographies and resonances. After that, you will create a treatment plan that may include splints or relaxation planes.

Dr Antonio Marino

Maxillofacial surgeon

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