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maxillofacial emergencies

Maxillofacial emergencies include a wide range of situations. Accidents, infections, acute pain.

Our consultation functions as a center for specialized care, therefore we act after primary care in an emergency department.

Faced with a maxillofacial emergency, we recommend that the patient attend a 24-hour assistance service and then coordinate the control in our office.

If the patient has been treated by a professional from our office, do not hesitate to contact your surgeon 24/7, we always give all our operated patients the telephone number of the surgeon. You can find it on the medical indication sheet you received at the end of your care. 

Other doubts can be resolved through our contact form.

Dental pain

That pain that does not soothe with analgesics


Any wound that does not stop bleeding should be treated urgently.


Pericoronitis (wisdom molar infection) and dental infections are an emergency and should be evaluated by your professional

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dental and facial trauma

A blow to your mouth or face can be serious. We recommend an interview with a professional for an evaluation 

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