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Also called keratocystic odontogenic tumor.
Benign cyst with aggressive behavior.

This injury is highly relevant for different reasons. It usually presents without symptoms and can be detected by routine X-rays.

If we look at the radiograph on the left, we can see circular areas in some parts of the mandible. Those are jaw cysts.

The definitive diagnosis is obtained with a biopsy, the moment and type of treatment must be analyzed by your team of surgeons.

We show a case of a 9-year-old boy in whom different areas with areas of lower bone density were detected by means of an X-ray. In these areas we carry out the elimination through surgery and after a year we can see in the following X-ray that the definitive teeth are being located in their positions and that the areas of the cysts are no longer observed.

20181024_093807 editado.jpg

On the left side of your screen you can see a large darker area on the molar and in the central part on the tooth that is displaced downwards a similar image.

20181024_093812 editado.jpg

The areas that presented keratocysts after one year are filled with formation of bone tissue.

Timely treatment is key to a favorable outcome.

Dr. Antonio Marino 

Maxillofacial surgeon

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