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Weeks before your surgery

Day before and admission of your surgery


  • Confirm your surgery date with our secretaries at least two weeks before.

  • You must schedule an appointment with your surgeon at least 2 weeks before. We will review yourexams y we will explain in detail the procedure and controls

  • Remember to have the pass or consultation from your orthodontist or treating colleague.

  • The surgeon will ask you:

    • Blood tests​

    • electrocardiogram

    • Urine

    • Tomography for 3d study

    • Others depending on the case

a few weeks beforethe surgeon will take records, review your tests, and explain your surgery in detail. If they are dental implants, they will prepare your provisional prostheses.

  • Remember to confirm the address of the ward where the procedure will be performed.

  • You will need to complete the following documents. You must request them using the following form and upload them in the link at the end of the instructions.

    • Informed consent for surgery​

    • Informed consent of the anesthetist

    • Medical survey of health and commonly used medicines

  • These documents must be sent signed as a photograph in the link that appears at the end of this instruction.

  • Remember, prior to your surgery there are 8 hours of fasting, you cannot drink water unless you use some medication and in that case only 5 ml.

  • The fees of our medical team must be paid directly in our office two weeks beforeof your surgery.

  • Complete the following form:

You can upload or send files on our platform, exams, pdf and photographs. If you want to send a CD you can upload all the files into a single folder on your computer, then with your mouse button select send to zipped folder and upload all of them in just one ZIP file.

Please follow these steps carefully before your surgery to help ensure that your procedure runs as smoothly as possible.

  1. You must record your height and weight.

  2. You should take your regular medications with very little water.

  3. Remember that there are 8 hours of fasting (solid and liquid food).

Contact your surgeon or doctor prior to your surgery date if:

  1. You are unsure of your arrival time at the center on the day of your procedure.

  2. You experience any changes in your health between your most recent visit to your doctor and the day of your procedure, even minor changes such as temperature,  cough, cold, loss of smell or taste, or outbreak of cold sores .

  3. You suspect you are pregnant. Anesthesia and medication can be harmful to the developing fetus.

  4. If you forgot to mention latex allergy, diabetes, heart conditions, kidney or liver failure.

  5. If you started a new medical treatment.

After midnight before the day of your surgery

  1. Do not smoke after the day of your surgery, ideally not smoke two weeks before.

  2. Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours before, your surgery will likely be postponed (including water, gum, mints, hard candy).

surgery morning

  1. Take a bath or shower and brush your teeth.

  2. Remove all makeup, jewelry, and contact lenses. If you must wear contact lenses, please bring their storage case to use during surgery.

  3. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can accommodate a bandage, cast, or other type of dressing where the procedure is being done.

  4. You will be asked to have any dentures removed.

What to bring with you on the day of your surgery

  1. Bring all your exams and identity card. It is important for us to have all current and correct information.

  2. Arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you to the center, receive discharge instructions, and take you home. It is recommended that someone stay with you during the time of your surgery, after which the surgeon will talk with you and you should go home. The patient returns slightly sleepy so he will be escorted to his vehicle in a wheelchair.

  3. Limit the number of people who accompany you to the clinic.

What not to bring to the surgery center

  1. Please leave all jewelry, cash, valuables, and medications at home. We cannot be responsible for your security.

If you have any questions, call your surgeon or send an email to (you will receive it directly on)

Remember that everyone must wear masks, as the place is a clinical center, we recommend the use of a new, medical-type mask (not gender).

pre surgical form

Thank you for your message!

Upload your files from a computer with the azl button.
You can photograph and send them as images or pdf  (exams,  consents)


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