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Mandibular condylar hyperplasias or hypercondylisms

In some patients, during their pubertal growth peak, accelerated and disproportionate growth occurs on one side of their jaw. The growth being progressive is generally manifested when observing photographs and in these a deviation of the chin is observed, upper and lower dental midline deviated and not coincident and sometimes the lower jaw can be seen on one side than on the other.

In these cases it is essential to request a test called a scintigram to determine growth activity. In this way, the treatment will be determined, which may involve joint surgery oronly an orthognathic surgery to align the facial structures.

The treatment alternatives will be considered and selected by your professional:

mandibular condylectomy

Bimaxillary orthognathic surgery

Dr Antonio Marino

Maxillofacial surgeon

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Todos los videos

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