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Our orthognathic surgery site is part of the websites of our CLÍNICA MAXILOFACIAL.COM MARINO Y ASOCIADOS, sitios belong to our office, which is located in the city of Santiago de Chile.

Important note to all patients and visitors to our site.

We continually try to update the information. The data shown is explicitly stated as options and alternatives for treatment and outcome. Any pathology can have more than one treatment that may not even be expressed on our site. We try to show the new technologies but there is a vertiginous advance.
Regarding the treatments and results, we expressly state that they can have a wide range of variability from the aesthetic and functional point of view. Each case is individually dependent on local conditions and multiple systemic factors.
We believe it is important to point out that the aesthetic and functional results are absolutely subjective in most cases and can sometimes be appreciated in different ways from the perspective of different people. Our website does not intend to promise particular aesthetic results that are considered as universal standards, quite the contrary, we consider that the concept of beauty is determined by a conjunction of subjective multifactorial elements and  that are not associated with no special fee. On the contrary, the main objective of our treatments is functional and we do not expect to promise particular results, only those that are framed within the health concepts delivered by the WHO.
We present that this disclaimer applies to all our pages, sub pages and blogs associated with domain belonging to maxillofacial 

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