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Our  History

Maxillofacial ClinicCOM

Dr. Antonio Marino Maxilofacial

Our clinic began in 2003 together with the completion of the specialties of Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics of Drs. Antonio Marino and Patricia Corrada.

Under the principles and formation of the University of Chile, they decided to create a dental care center based on professional excellence, cutting-edge technology, innovation and treatments available to many more. cutting edge technology,equipment of the latest generation andspecialization continuous professional have allowed us to incorporate cutting-edge treatments to our patients.

The treatment of dentofacial anomalies, maxillofacial orthopedics and orthodontics, implantology, oral rehabilitation and periodontics together achieve a comprehensive approach to our patients.

We are the team withfurther experience in Chile in diagnosis and 3D planning in Orthognathic Surgery. Fifteen years ago we used the best digital tools, Simplant OMS, Nemoceph 3D, OnyxCeph and currently thefurther a powerful tool for diagnosis and surgical planning in orthognathic surgery, we have Dolphin Imaging 3d and 3d  photography equipment.

PWe can develop our treatments in an integral way, always keeping as the main objective of treatment, the integral health of our patients in a close and professional environment.


C.We believe that dentistry with technologystate-of-the-art technology that should not make treatments more expensive and, together with professional closeness, are the key elements for thesuccess coin our patients. 

Dr. Antonio Marino Espinoza

Maxillofacial Surgeon  Universidad de Chile

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