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Are you from the province or from another country?: we help you on your trip


Many of our patients visit us from outside of Santiago. We have developed a series of supports and guides to achieve the best experience to access our clinic.

We will coordinate and guide your stay and transfers. We will guide you and recommend lodging places close to our clinic and you will have a secretary assigned to support you as much as possible.

Los pasajeros de autobuses


The city of Santiago is very large and is made up of different communes. Even one of them is called Santiago Centro. Our office is in Providencia and we recommend staying near us.

We will leave a list of hotels with the respective links with accommodations less than 10 minutes walking distance.

The airport is located 40 minutes from Providencia and we recommend you reserve an official transporte in advance. The value of transportation fluctuates between 15,000 and 30,000 pesos for each passenger (15 to 30 dollars). If you send us an e-mail to we can coordinate transportation and lodging.


We are 200 meters from the Metro station los lions

Our building is called PANORAMIC and it is located on the MALL VIVO

The entrance is through the escalator that reaches the sidewalk of Av. Nueva Providencia

Remember that Providencia Avenue is one block away (not to be confused)


We are 200 meters from the Metro station los lions

New Providence 2155 Tower B of 1210

Phone +56222336360

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