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Accredited  in redsalud Providencia

Do you need maxillofacial surgery in Providencia? Trust our accredited team at Clínica RedSalud!

Are you looking for a solution for your oral problems?
If you need maxillofacial surgery in general or are looking to perform orthognathic surgery in Providencia in particular, you are in the right place! At Clínica MaxilofacialCom, we are proud to offer a team of highly trained and accredited surgeons to perform surgical treatments at Clínica RedSalud Providencia.
Header: Why trust our team of maxillofacial surgeons?
We understand that trusting a medical team is crucial to guarantee your well-being. Our team of maxillofacial surgeons has years of experience in the field of oral health and has undergone rigorous specialization and accreditation processes to guarantee the quality and safety of our surgical treatments. In addition, we are up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in maxillofacial surgery, which allows us to offer our patients the best possible results.
We are specialized in the University of Chile and we have the accreditation in the super intendency of health.
Clínica maxillofacialCom is a private practice that operates in different places in Santiago. We are accredited external providers at the Redsalud clinic, ideal for patients who have Isapres or Fonasa coverage.

What kind of maxillofacial surgeries do we offer at Clínica RedSalud Providencia?
At Clínica MaxillofacialCom, we offer a wide range of surgical treatments at Clínica RedSalud Providencia. From tooth extractions, wisdom molars, mandible tumors, orthognathic surgery, and facial reconstruction, our team is trained to provide you with the best care and personalized attention you need.


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